Today’s challenge, optimise welding systems to access more jobs & profit.


Welding systems are normally a set-and-forget process. Yet they can deliver more throughput and cost reduction when worked optimally.

The causes of inefficiency are elusive and varied, and therefore hard to find


Discover business capability that is better than gut feel.

  1. Measure the welding process.
  2. Identify the cost gap.
  3. Know where to apply corrective action.


The size of the inconsistency is the size of the return.

No management intervention to achieve results.

Production is not stopped or interrupted.

Results are shown in plain figures.

Allows business to step up to more exciting projects.

Find workshop capability


  1. Define the desired weld outcome  to be measured.
  2. Measure the welding system for that outcome on a job or on a sample.
  3. Ranking report compares outcomes to business desires.

It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure.

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