Today’s challenge, optimise welding systems to access more jobs & profit.


Welders produce different welds.

Skills are diverse and systems vary.

Consistency can be elusive, and out of management’s control.

Settling for near enough is no longer good enough


Select the standard you want or called for.

Benchmark the weld digitally.

Train the welders to that standard.

Monitor that feeds back to the welder and management.

Manage any deviation.


Create workforce flexibility.

Consistent quoting.

Production cost reduction.

A controlled process.

Compliant to standards and a Prime’s supply chain.

A pathway to profit 


  1. Start with the the end in mind.
  2. Ensure all stakeholders know the ambition
  3. Empower welders to take control of the outcome
  4. Be transparent in reporting
  5. Management sponsored support

Small things deliver big impact.

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